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January 15 - 18, 2019
JW Marriott, Nashville, TN

By: Lily Zheng

Speaker Spotlight: Kelley Kurtzman, VP, Global Consumer Sales & Service Center, Verizon

Brian Cantor, Principal Analyst at CCW Digital recently interviewed Kelley Kurtzman, VP, Global Consumer Sales & Service Center at Verizon to discuss reducing effort, going digital, leveraging artificial intelligence, empowering agents and her involvement in CCWomen, an initiative we launched earlier this year.


Kelley Kurtzman will be a speaker at CCW Nashville this January 15-18 at the JW Marriott in Nashville. She will be leading the session, “Creating Effortless Experiences through Holistic Digital Transformation.” Kelley explains why it’s important to make reducing effort a priority:  “People are busy, so we have to make sure that we can have a simple, streamlined experience with them at any touchpoint... I think a lot of customers these days are choosing their provider based on how easy it is to do business with them.”


Relating it back to her work at Verizon, “We have touch points that are visible to everyone, so we can really create a seamless experience. I think providing an omnichannel experience is a huge opportunity for us so we can see what you've done along the way and we can pick up that experience and help you complete it in whichever channel you'd like to do that in.”


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