January 22-25, 2019
New Orleans

Chatbots: Everything You Need to Know

Chatbots Numbers

Chatbots are outperforming social media on a global basis.

Millennials are currently the world’s largest population with 1.8 percent of the population. Right now, 71% of millennials are interested in chatbot experiences with brands. Chatbots are currently delivering 20 million dollars in cost savings.

The growth in A.I. cannot be ignored. According to CCW Digital,

  • 69% of businesses plan to consider AI technology (including bots) this year
  • 50% will make bots an investment priority during the next 2 years
  • 22% believe AI will be used internally to improve agent performance
  • 49% believe bots will improve agent productivity by improving routing and handling transactional matters

Chatbots can improve the customer experience, workforce efficiency, customer engagement, and more. 

Still not convinced on Chatbots? Download our whitepaper on the right to learn more! 

Learn more about chatbots

In our comprehensive whitepaper on Chatbots, we will be covering everything you need to know about chatbots to help you determine if chatbots are right for you. These key topics of discussion include: 

  • Embracing a digital friendly future
  • Using data to improve CX through personalization
  • Chatbots and Customer Engagement
  • Millennial Expectations from Chatbots Experiences
  • Top Tips for Chatbot Integration into Existing Customer Contact
  • Sourcing Chatbot Solutions
  • Key Metrics in A.I. Technology that Matter to the C-Suite

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If you would like a copy to be sent to you directly, e-mail us at enquiry@iqpc.com

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