Christopher Hieb

Managing Director
Signal Hill
Mr. Hieb brings more than 20 years of investment banking, consulting, project management and operational experience with high technology companies to Signal Hill. He has advised clients on domestic and cross-border M&A transactions with highly active buyers and financial sponsors, focusing on the Enterprise Software, Advanced Analytics and Contact Center Software Infrastructure sectors. Mr. Hieb authors the Firm’s Customer Interaction Management (CIM) Platform and Adjacencies Landscape, an overview of the CIM market, along with the CIM Investment Thesis. He can be contacted to discuss the Investment Thesis and Landscape. Prior to joining Signal Hill, Mr. Hieb spent more than seven years building the M&A practice at Pacific Crest Securities. Mr. Hieb began his investment banking career at SoundView Technology Group, continuing his career at W.R. Hambrecht as the Head of West Coast M&A, and then Oppenheimer as the Head of West Coast M&A, prior to joining Pacific Crest in 2008. Prior to investment banking, Mr. Hieb spent a decade in the fields of Nuclear Technology and Advanced Materials including work at several U.S. Nuclear Facilities, followed by an appointment to the Institute for Nuclear Power Operations. Mr. Hieb received a B.S. degree in Nuclear Engineering from Purdue University and conducted course study in Economics and the Analysis of Competitive Markets at California Polytechnic State University.

3:20 PM

Christopher Hieb, author of the Customer Interaction Management Platform (CIMP)
investment thesis, technologist and investment banker at Signal Hill with
decades of industry experience focused on the customer interaction/engagement space,
provides perspectives and insights on technologies and market
trends driving capital deployments and M&A in the near- and long-term.

2:40 PM SELF SERVICE: Driving Efficiency while Balancing the Impact to the Business

What are the demographics and
technologies that created the need for self
service? How can you apply self service in
an omni channel environment while being
mindful of the impact to churn.