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CCW Market Study-The Future of the Contact Center in 2019

CCW Market Study-The Future of the Contact Center in 2019

New metrics, channels, technologies and ideas are forever changing how we run customer contact centers.They are not, however, changing why we operate contact centers: to meaningfully connect with customers.

In revealing their outlook for 2019, customer management executives confirm a renewed emphasis on the human touch. They will value "personalization." They will emphasize agent "empowerment." They will prioritize technology that can augment, not eliminate, connections with customers.

How will they pursue this return to humanity? CCW Digital's Market Study on the Future of the Contact Center in 2019 has the answers. Citing in-depth market research, expert analysis and a myriad of real-life case studies, it addresses the following:

  • What overall vision do leaders have for the future of the contact center?
  • What are the top 5 ways organizations will improve their customer experiences?
  • In the era of AI, will organizations still invest heavily in live agents?
  • How do organizations really feel about the digital transformation?
  • Which is more important: reducing effort or increasing personalization?
  • What are the most important parts of the agent experience?

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