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Special Report: Remote Agents

Special Report: Remote Agents

Attracting, retaining and motivating talent. Accommodating new customer preferences.  Managing growth.

Each of these represents a pivotal customer contact objective.  Due to challenges associated with the contact center environment and overall marketplace, these objectives have become very difficult to achieve.

It is time to leverage a new solution.  It is time to seize the power of remote agents.

By revealing how to develop the optimal remote agent strategy, this report will help you hire better talent, drive better performance and make stronger customer connections.  Topics include:

  • Four undeniable dilemmas facing today's customer contact operations
  • Five reasons remote agents are the key to a more successful contact center
  • Myths and misconceptions associated with the remote model (and how to overcome them)
  • Tips for managing performance, improving quality and fostering culture

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2018 CCW Market Study: Performance & Metrics

2018 CCW Market Study: Performance & Metrics

All organizations have key objectives for their customer contact functions. They know how they feel about “efficiency vs. customer metrics.” They recognize the demand for low-effort, highly personalized interactions.

They may not, however, know exactly how to achieve those goals. CCW Digital’s Market Study provides a detailed blueprint for success.

Driven by research, case studies and expert analysis, the report tackles all corners of performance management. It identifies gaps in measurement, challenges with systems and “pain points” for agents.

More importantly, it shares numerous pathways for overcoming all such inhibitors. Download your copy today!

Some topics include:

  • Which metrics are organizations prioritizing – and ignoring?
  • Top strategies for reducing customer effort
  • Top 5 agent and customer complaints
  • How to create a “performance culture” within the contact center
  • Steps for leveraging AI and automation to boost performance
  • How “omnichannel” and “customer centricity” are impacting performance goals

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CCW Market Study: The Future of the Contact Center in 2019

CCW Market Study: The Future of the Contact Center in 2019

New metrics, channels, technologies and ideas are forever changing how we run customer contact centers.They are not, however, changing why we operate contact centers: to meaningfully connect with customers.

In revealing their outlook for 2019, customer management executives confirm a renewed emphasis on the human touch. They will value "personalization." They will emphasize agent "empowerment." They will prioritize technology that can augment, not eliminate, connections with customers.

How will they pursue this return to humanity? CCW Digital's Market Study on the Future of the Contact Center in 2019 has the answers. Citing in-depth market research, expert analysis and a myriad of real-life case studies, it addresses the following:

  • What overall vision do leaders have for the future of the contact center?
  • What are the top 5 ways organizations will improve their customer experiences?
  • In the era of AI, will organizations still invest heavily in live agents?
  • How do organizations really feel about the digital transformation?
  • Which is more important: reducing effort or increasing personalization?
  • What are the most important parts of the agent experience?

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Special Report: Knowledge Management

Special Report: Knowledge Management

Knowledge management is failing today's customer contact centers.

Instead of empowering agents to quickly and accurately connect with customers, conventional knowledge management systems and strategies are sources of inefficiency, inaccuracy and frustration.  They make the customer experience worse.

It is time for a change, and the Special Report on Knowledge Management is here to help.  It introduces "knowledge intelligence" -- a combination of strategies, processes, tools, and metrics that will turn internal knowledge into an asset for your customers, agents, supervisors and executives.  Key topics include:

  • 9 ways knowledge management is hurting your customer experience
  • 4 mistakes made with conventional knowledge management strategies
  • 7 factors that define "knowledge intelligence"
  • Metrics for assessing your degree of "knowledge intelligence"
  • Key ways to leverage AI to improve your knowledge strategy

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2018 CCW Market Study: The Customer Experience

2018 CCW Market Study: The Customer Experience

This may be the era of customer centricity, but it is also one of disappointing customer experiences.

Despite all the emphasis on customer experience initiatives and technologies, research confirms that customers remain underwhelmed with the experiences they are receiving. They are not consistently getting what they want from organizations – or their employees.

What’s worse: organizations are not being complacent. They are investing in the customer experience. They are trying to improve. Unfortunately, their actions are not working.

Citing in-depth market research, the 2018 Customer Experience Market Study is designed to fix this problem. It reveals what customers really want, how organizations are missing the boat, and what they can do to close the gaps.

Topics include:

  • Five things that really matter to today’s customers
  • The biggest customer complaints
  • Proof that a great CX = a successful business
  • How customers really feel about chatbots
  • Top customer service metrics
  • Common mistakes with customer journey mapping
  • Troubling statistics about the “voice of the customer”
  • Big customer data challenges

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Special Report: Future of CX Employees

Special Report: Future of CX Employees

Employees have always been the key to a great customer experience, and the evolving customer contact landscape makes them even more important.

The “personal connection” is now the paramount differentiator, and agents are the ones in position to actually create those connections. With self-service increasingly handling transactional matters, agents are also shifting their focus to more nuanced, unpredictable interactions.

How can we prepare agents for this future in which they have to more meaningfully connect with customers during more challenging conversations? This report has the answers:

  • Why the rise of technology is really the rise of the employee
  • 8 requirements for a great contact center agent
  • 4 ways to prepare contact center agents for the future
  • 5 tips for increasing agent satisfaction
  • 4 reasons to reconsider outsourcing

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Special Report: Customer Intent

Special Report: Customer Intent

Competent organizations aim to accommodate basic customer needs. Elite, customer-centric organizations go one step further.  They are not merely offering support; they are empowering customers to derive the most possible value from every interaction, at every touch point.

There's a simple key to delivering this superior experience: understanding customer intent.

Customer intent looks beyond the superficial (what customers are requesting, where they are requesting it) and focuses on customers’ true goals for the interaction. It is a question of why, not what.

This special report reveals how to grow customer satisfaction and loyalty through intent-driven engagement. Topics include:

  • 5 questions that reveal customer intent
  • 7 ways to use intent to radically improve the customer experience
  • How to overcome key challenges
  • 7 best practices for getting started with intent-driven engagement
  • Examples of intent-driven engagement in travel, telecom, finance and retail

Special Report: Customer Journey Mapping

Special Report: Customer Journey Mapping

In today’s era of customer centricity, you cannot afford to make guesses or assumptions about customer demands. You cannot impose broad, impersonal, business-minded experiences on those customers. You cannot allow silos to create frustrating “pain points” for your customers.

This Special Report on Customer Journeys will help you avoid those pitfalls.

Not simply a call to think about customer journeys, this report explores how to leverage journey maps to orchestrate frictionless, personalized, engaging experiences across all channels.

Topics include:

  • 3 ways to increase customer centricity with journey maps
  • 6 ways to drive business results with journey maps
  • 5 challenges to mapping (and improving) customer journeys
  • 5 steps for meaningfully elevating the customer experience
Special Report: Intelligent Customer Contact Workforce

Special Report: Intelligent Customer Contact Workforce

Your agents may be smart. They may have a thorough grasp of your products, scripts and policies.

But are they “intelligent”? Do they have the insight and capability needed to provide customers with frictionless, personalized experiences when and where they are demanding them?

This report explores that more important form of contact center intelligence. It reveals how to cultivate a team of empowered, agile agents who can meaningfully connect with customers at all touch points. Thanks to that superior form of engagement, you will markedly grow customer loyalty and dramatically outperform your competitors.

Topics include:

  • 4 reasons why “intelligent agents” are the key to a successful contact center
  • Five threats to agent intelligence – and a successful customer experience
  • 4-step blueprint for cultivating intelligence within your contact center
  • Assessment quiz to determine whether your agents are intelligent
Special Report: Contact Center Security, Authentication & Fraud Prevention

Special Report: Contact Center Security, Authentication & Fraud Prevention

The contact center is under siege, and many organizations are greatly unprepared.

Still reliant upon antiquated, insufficient authentication techniques, these organizations leave their contact centers – particularly the voice channel – vulnerable.  Worse, these ineffective endeavors actually hurt the customer experience.  They make interactions slower and more frustrating.

It is time to fix this problem.  It is time to pair authentication and fraud prevention in a way that creates more security and more agent and customer satisfaction.  This report explores the customer-centric way to strengthen security.  Topics include:

  • 5 reasons contact centers are vulnerable
  • Six imperatives for contact center authentication and fraud prevention
  • 3 ways customer demands are impacting the state of security
  • Tips, tools, and metrics for strengthening the contact center
  • 4 ways authentication and fraud prevention can add value to the customer experience

Special Report: The State of Chatbots

Special Report: The State of Chatbots

It is time to change the conversation about chatbots in the contact center.

We’re already aware of the theoretical power of the technology. We already know chatbots have the potential to transform customer support.

With the customer experience landscape becoming more competitive, we must transition from discussing the hype to demanding results. What challenges are preventing us from making the most of chatbot investments? How can we ensure our chatbots are truly elevating the customer experience?

This special report on the State of Chatbots has the answers. It details a customer-centric blueprint for implementing, measuring and optimizing chatbots. Topics include:

  • 5 major chatbot mistakes
  • 3 signs of a valuable chatbot
  • Ways to align chatbots with customer intentions
  • Steps to create “omnichannel” bots
  • 3 ways chatbots impact the agent experience
  • Keys to creating more “intelligent” bots