Eyal Grayesvksy

CEO and Co-Founder
Eyal Grayevsky is the Co-founder and CEO of HR technology company FirstJob and A.I. recruiting assistant, Mya. His experience co-managing his family’s recruiting agency inspired him to solve problems in the HR space. Under his leadership, FirstJob has quickly become a go-to resource for companies looking to attract, engage and hire qualified early-career talent from the company’s network of over 11M active millennial job seekers. FirstJob created Mya, the first A.I. recruiting assistant, to eliminate the application “black hole” for job seekers and drive efficiency for hiring teams. Grayevsky received his bachelor’s degree in Finance from the University of Colorado and is also a founding partner at DoubleTap Ventures, a tight-knit community of startup founders-turned-friends that provides a nurturing environment for entrepreneurs to share advice, connections, and learn from each other.

8:15 AM CHATBOTS: Keep your Focus on the Business Value and Impact

We live in a world where customers want to talk to brands all the time and expect
instant gratification. Discover how to launch a chatbot strategy that solves real business
challenges and provides instant customer gratification. In this interactive workshop,
discover how chatbots can help with efficiency, revenue and engagement.
·· Solve real business problems – don’t simply create a chatbot strategy
·· Gain C suite support by through customer satisfaction scores
·· Leverage AI to take humans to the next level and create new jobs.