January 15 - 18, 2019
JW Marriott, Nashville, TN



  1. Updated Business Cards – There will be the finest industry leaders and solution providers present, so the last thing you want to do is forget your updated business cards. I also suggest having more than enough, because you never who you’ll meet.
  2. Electronics + 2 Backup Chargers – Complimentary Wi-Fi credentials will be provided upon arrival, but having all of your electronic devices charged every day will be essential.
  3. CCW Agenda – This will also be provided upon arrival, however it would be in your best intention to have the CCW Agenda to pick and choose the track you’d like to follow that day.
  4. Comfortable Clothes – The agenda is hefty and the expo hall isn’t small, so there will be a lot of walking and activities where being comfortable is going to be key. Did we mention comfortable shoes?
  5. Smile ! – The joy of CCW is no matter where you are in your customer centric journey, we have something for every key member of your customer care team!


  1. Bulky Electronic Devices – There will be a lot of moving around @ CCW and the last thing you want to do is be lugging around wires and plugs for your desktop turned “portable” computer. Keep it simple and bring a tablet, cell phone, USB plug and a single charger for each.
  2. Too much Stuff! – The purpose of the conference + expo is to gain new and fresh knowledge, so you should save room in your luggage to bring back literature and so to read while traveling back home.
  3. You Dad’s Suit– People, I get it, it’s a conference and you want to look your best “because you never know who you’re going to meet.” That gives you no reason to show up in a three-piece suit that ends up making you more uncomfortable than not.


  • Debbi J. Fields, Founder and Chief Cookie Lover, Mrs. Fields Cookies
  • Jim Oliver, Speaking Ambassador on Cultural Change, Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center
  • Gregory Knight, Senior Vice President and Chief Customer Officer, CenterPoint Energy

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  • NEW ATTENDEE ORIENTATION - First time to CCW? No worries….we’ve got you! Tuesday, January 17th at 6:00 PM.
  • SITE TOUR EXPERIENCE - NOLA 311, CITY OF NEW ORLEANS Opening Keynote: Sara Estes Cohen, Deputy Chief Information Officer NOLA 311 is New Orleans’s primary source of local government information and non-emergency services.
  • MARDI GRAS COCKTAIL PARTY - Trade in your poker chips for your Mardi Gras beads January 18th at 5:50 PM.


FRENCHMAN STREET IN THE FRENCH QUARTER www.frenchmenstreet.com Enjoy live music, “authentic” jazz music and local art with a visit to Frenchman St.

CAFÉ DU MONDE www.cafedumonde.com 800 Decatur St. P: 504-525-4544 What to try: Beignets and they have the best coffee ever!

MOTHER’S RESTAURANT www.mothersrestaurant.net 401 Poydras St. P: 504-523-9656 What to try: “Famous Ferdi Special” Po’ boys, Jambalaya, Ham

For more NOLA options check out the bottom of this page


  1. Choose Your Meet Ups by Contact Center Size: We consistently hear how important it is to not only benchmark best practices but benchmark against those in a similar situation. CCW Winter’s innovative design allows you to choose your environment based on: seniority levels, organization maturity, experience levels, and even contact center size. No matter where you are in your customer centric journey, we have something for every key member of your customer care team!
    • Contact Centers under 50 Seats: Maximize your Budget
    • Contact Centers 50-99 Seats: Compare and Contrast Solution Providers • Contact Centers 100-149 Seats: Retain and Develop your Talent Pool
    • Contact Centers 150+ Seats: Get a Seat at the C-Suite Table
  2. Decide on Which Lunch and Learn to Attend Based on Experience Level
    • 0-5 years: Getting Your Feet Wet
    • 5-10 years: Establishing a Career Path
    • 10-15 years: Leading a Team
    • 15-20 years: Taking on More Extensive Roles
    • 20+ years: UNSCRIPTED
  3. Stop by the Executive Club
    • Exclusive to VP Level and Above
    • Break Away from the Tactical Tutorials
    • Strategic Topics for the Strategic Executive
    • Interactive Formats to Inspire Critical Thinking
  4. Pop into the Future Leaders Lab
    • Built for the High Potential Manager/Supervisor or Aspiring Agent
    • Increase your Skill Set Real-time
    • Prepare for the Requirements of your next position
    • Develop into the CC Leader your organization needs


  • Book a flight https://www.expedia.com/Flights
  • Book a hotel room @ the Sheraton New Orleans, LA (using our CCW discount code). For more information visit the accommodation page.
  • Have your CCW game plan on hand
  • Maximize your time
  • Minimize your worries


Be prepared to meet industry leaders and influencers from all across the globe. Check out our Current Attendee Snapshot for additional information on who plans on attending.

Pack Your Bags and Meet the CCW Team in New Orleans l January 17-20, 2017

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