January 22-25, 2019
New Orleans

Interview: McKesson VP on the Power of Truly Understanding Your Customers

It’s the era of customer centricity.  Most businesses understand the importance of the “voice of the customer.”  They work vigorously to determine what customers want and how customers feel.The best brands, however, go one step further.  Instead of simply focusing on questions of “what” and “how,” they obsess over the “why.” In this exclusive interview, Dawn Smith Bradney, VP of Customer Support and Audit, McKesson, reveals the importance of focusing on that “why.” She, more importantly, reveals how to acquire that valuable degree of intelligence – and how to leverage that insight to elevate the customer experience. When you truly understand your customers, you will not simply be able to fix existing problems in the customer experience.  You will be able to anticipate – and proactively fulfill – future needs.

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