Ryan Lindsay

Sales Operations Manager - Business Analytics
Ryan Lindsay is the Head of Business Analytics and Sales Operations at MegaPath. He brings over 10+ years of experience in the telecommunications and data communications industry. Mr. Lindsay has a strong background in growing both top and bottom line revenue through leveraging data. Illustrating the benefits of data analysis by capitalizing on the use of data platforms such as Salesforce CRM, eTech, Tethr, Microsoft Power BI, Velocify, InsideSales.com, Anaplan and various other platforms. Mr. Lindsay has an established track record in providing actionable insights proven to drive revenue growth, improve product margin profitability, support customer churn mitigation, optimize cost of acquisition, and increase sales productivity and efficiencies.

11:30 AM MINING FOR GOLD IN CUSTOMER CALLS: Using AI to Put Quality back into Customer Service

You know there’s a goldmine of insights buried in the voice channel, but manually
listening to and analyzing every phone call is challenging, cost prohibitive and prone
to human subjectivity and errors. AI, machine learning and other scary-sounding
technologies promise to free humans from the burdens of space and time, allowing you
to capture rich customer insights from every call. Discover the steps YOU need to take
TODAY to transform your organization with these tools and platforms. Find out how to:
·· Analyze every phone conversation in real time, and provide leadership with actionable,
searchable insights based on VOC
·· Identify clear next steps to infusing AI into your operations
·· Find patterns in your data and automate descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytical tasks
·· Reduce costs, improve customer experience, boost productivity and increase revenue