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January 15 - 18, 2019
JW Marriott, Nashville, TN

Brian Cantor

Principal Analyst & CCW Digital Director
Customer Management Practice

8:15 AM CCW Digital Presents Customer Contact 2019 Predictions Brief

CCW Digital is the global online community and research hub of more than 140,000 customer contact members. Brian Cantor, Principal Analyst and CCW
Digital Director, shares key findings from CCW Digital’s freshly minted 2019 Predictions report.

8:45 AM Special Report Brief Knowledge Management

An effective knowledge base will make or break agent productivity and engagement. Furthermore, technology that can effectively query said knowledge base, no
matter how sophisticated, is critical for a practical and sensible workflow for agent empowerment and world-class service. CCW Digital’s forthcoming
Knowledge Management will dive into both the fundamentals of a quality knowledge management system. CCW Digital’s Knowledge Management Special Report, coming November 2018.

11:30 AM Special Report Brief Customer Journey Mapping

In today’s era of customer centricity, you cannot afford to make guesses or assumptions about customer demands. You cannot impose broad, impersonal, businessminded experiences on those customers. You cannot allow silos to create frustrating “pain points” for your customers. CCW Digital’s Special Report on Customer Journeys uncovers:
● 3 ways to increase customer centricity with journey maps
● 6 ways to drive business results with journey maps
● 5 challenges to mapping (and improving) customer journeys
● 5 steps for meaningfully elevating the customer experience
Check out CCW Digital’s Customer Journey Mapping Special Report.

2:15 PM Special Report Brief Agent Performance

Adopting a customer-centric mindset is important, but businesses do not win customers through attitude alone. In order to satisfy customers, grow market share,
increase revenue and overtake their competitors, they must perform. As the heart of the contact center operation, agents play a particularly valuable role in driving results. Agent performance is, indeed, a paramount business focus. CCW Digital’s Special Report on Agent Performance covers:
● What customers really want – and what that means for agent performance
● How the rise of AI is impacting agent performance strategy
● 7 challenges that are inhibiting results
● 6 opportunities to dramatically elevate agent performance
● 8 radical performance metrics you should start using right now
Check out CCW Digital’s Agent Performance Special Report.

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