IBM Watson

IBM Watson

IBM Watson is the AI platform for business. Watson understands structured and unstructured data, learns from collaboration and interacts with humans in a natural way. Watson is available as a set of APIs and cloud-based offerings including a cognitive, conversational bot that can both provide answers and take action.

Through a new global partnership between IBM and LivePerson, we have launched a joint offering, LiveEngage with Watson, to provide Cognitive Care - the next evolution of customer care. 

LiveEngage is the complete platform for messaging, built for brands with tens of thousands of agents, tens of millions of consumers. 

Cognitive Care is driven by the legacy pain points of consumers, the rise of messaging as a preferred interaction type and the fact that Artificial Intelligence has come to forefront to solve major problems. 

LiveEngage with Watson seamlessly blends AI bots and live agents to dramatically scale your customer support operations. With this solution, your customers are able to get the answers they need any time, anywhere from Watson or to be passed to an agent as required - all within a single, consistent experience.

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