Tenfold is tackling a universal problem and big business opportunity: broken customer conversations. Everyone has a nightmare customer service call story to tell, whether it’s with the cable company or an airline it’s a pain we’ve all experienced. But why does this happen? It’s in part because, sales reps and customer agents get bogged down looking through internal records and databases while they’re on the phone with customers. And the reason they’re doing this is the overpopulation of platforms: customer data falls through the cracks.  This "missing data" issue is one of the biggest problems in the enterprise world that no one likes to talk about -- because it’s so hard to fix. All these systems are largely dependent on manual data entry. Whether it’s a sales rep or a customer service agent, they’re going from one call to the next, so huge amounts of data doesn’t get added to the CRM.  It’s the number one pain point for employees using these systems. People are waking up to what’s missing: customer databases aren't capturing up to 80% of the potential data they could have. 


Tenfold enables businesses to have better customer conversations. When you talk to a company using Tenfold, the rep has all your relevant information right in front of them, in one place. The important details about you are no longer hidden from the person trying to serve you. Best of all, it works in real-time and behind the scenes. Our mission is to put bad customer service out of business, on the phone or wherever it may hide. 


Tenfold is doing for customer service what Salesforce did for CRM, Workday did for HR, or SuccessFactors (now part of SAP) did for talent management.

With headquarters in Austin, Texas, and offices in San Francisco, Tenfold has over 500 customers globally -- including some of the world's top contact centers such as Adobe, T-Mobile, and Staples.”


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Website: https://www.tenfold.com/